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Westside Family Fellowship is located in Wasco, CA.

January 28, 2018

Pastor LaRonna Rhodes: Pitch Your Tent Next to Hope 01.28.18

Pastor LaRonna encourages us to be hopeful where we are, in every season of life.

January 25, 2018

Pastor Jonathan Rhodes: Don’t Be A Doubter 01.24.18

Pastor Jonathan speaks about the story of "Doubting Thomas" and encourages us to stay the course when times get difficult.

January 22, 2018

Pastor Jonathan Rhodes: True Worship 01.21.18

Pastor Jonathan is joined by Pastor Johnny Martinez of Westside Iglesia Hispana to speak about what true worshp is.

January 21, 2018

Pastor Jonathan Rhodes: Willed To Be Done, pt. two 01.21.18

Pastor Jonathan speaks about the four will types of God, focusing on "permissive will" and "perfect will."

January 18, 2018

Pastor Jonathan Rhodes: Reality of The Bible: Numbers & Prophecy 01.17.18

Pastor Jonathan speaks about the significance of numbers and prophecy in the bible regarding its reality.

January 14, 2018

Pastor Jonathan Rhodes: Willed To Be Done 01.14.18

Pastor Jonathan speaks about how God willed for things to be done in the life and journey of Jonathan and his armor-bearer in 1 Samuel 14.

January 11, 2018

Pastor Jonathan Rhodes: Science vs. The Bible 01.10.18

Pastor Jonathan speaks about a few scientific topics that the Bible supports with information found in various verses.

January 8, 2018

Pastor Jonathan Rhodes: The Road Ahead 01.07.18

Pastor Jonathan speaks about five key points that help a church to thrive. He also gives an idea of what's in store for Westside in 2018.

January 4, 2018

Pastor Jonathan Rhodes: The Reality of The Bible, pt. 1 01.03.18

Pastor Jonathan begins a series on the bible and the supporting facts that prove its reality.